Care Services

Caregivers of persons living with ALS undertake a very important role in the daily life of their loved one. Their devotion, however, can exact an enormous personal toll that can adversely affect the caregiver’s physical and psychological health. Team Gleason’s commitment to providing respite care affords caregivers the time and peace of mind to focus on their own needs and interests. These intervals of relief, whether they be a few hours a week or multiple days per month, offer caregivers the opportunity to reduce stress, restore energy and maintain balance.

Respite Care

Providing care for a person with ALS gets increasingly challenging as the disease progresses. The responsibility often falls to one or two caregivers who struggle to find time to care for loved ones and juggle the demands of daily life, which may include a job or caring for other family members. No matter how much a caregiver has to offer, they can burn out easily. Finding additional help is essential for a successful long-term care plan.

“ALS not only impacts the patients, but all of those who love and care for them. It’s easy for caretakers to forget about themselves, which leads to physical and mental exhaustion. Steve and I are fortunate to have a great care team. It’s important to us to offer respite care to those who don’t have it.”
– Michel Varisco

Team Gleason Partnership with the Center for Medicare Advocacy

Educational Webinars

Team Gleason and the Center for Medicare Advocacy have helped over 400 ALS families with ALS understand the Medicare home health benefit and maximize access to coverage and care.

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Virtual Town Hall Meetings

As part of our Team Gleason/Center for Medicare Advocacy Home Health Initiative we have hosted three Virtual “Town Hall” calling hours for people living with ALS, to share answers to questions received on the email portal and to answer live questions from callers about Medicare and home health care.

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Next town hall meeting: TBD

“Thank you…for all the assistance your website, literature and your webinars have been to me and many friends here. I know I can always trust what you publish, whereas other sites are not always correct.” – Juliette

“Just a THANK YOU. This information is SO important and SO useful and I have no idea how I would have found it if you had not provided it. Please keep helping us!” – David

Because ALS is underfunded, patients have had no option but to fade away and die. That is not OK.

– Steve Gleason

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