Board of Directors

The Team Gleason Board of Directors is a combination of friends, family, and thought leaders with a deep commitment to the organization’s mission.

Paul Varisco
Executive Director, Team Gleason Foundation
New Orleans, LA

Stephen Gleason
Founder Team Gleason Foundation
New Orleans, LA

Michel Varisco Gleason
Founder Team Gleason Foundation, Artist
New Orleans, LA

Suzanne Alford
Alford Advertising
New Orleans, LA

Kyle Brechtel
Brechtel Hospitality
New Orleans, LA

Tommy Capella
Accessor Jefferson Parish
Metairie, LA

Chris Casey
New Orleans, LA

Kimi Culp
Film producer
Los Angeles, CA

Rick Dickson
Former Tulane Athletic Director
New Orleans, LA

Clare Durrett
Advocate – Vice-President TGIF, PR director
New Orleans, LA

Michelle Farr
Zofia Consultants
Broadlands, VA

Bryan Fitzpatrick
Crescent Capital Consulting
New Orleans, LA

Scott Fujita
Former NFL player – Film Producer
Carmel Valley, CA

Dan Garske
Travis Pattern & Foundry
Spokane, WA

Kyle Gleason
Sausalito, CA

Philip Green
Person living with ALS
Temecula, CA



Tony Hazel
Spokane, WA

Kathleen Holt
CMA (Center for Medicare Advocacy)
Washington, D.C.

Danielle Kavanagh
Kavanagh Foundation
New Orleans, LA

Jenny Lay-Flurrie
Chief Accessibility Officer, Microsoft
Seattle, WA

Jim Marggraff
Eyefluence / Inventor
Lafayette, CA

Dave Martin
Spokane, WA

Ashley McCready
Seattle, WA

Mike McCready
Guitarist, Pearl Jam
Seattle WA

Thomas McEachin
Schonekas, Evans, McGoey & McEachin Law Firm
New Orleans, LA

Cleland Powell
New Orleans, LA

Steve Rehage
Rehage Production
New Orleans, LA

Jim Salters
Business Consultant
Cincinnati, OH

Catherine Scott
ALS Advocate
Murrieta, CA

Dave Sherman
Chehardy, Sherman Law Firm
New Orleans, LA

Paul Varisco, Jr.
Johnson Rice Investment
New Orleans, LA

Vinnie Varisco
Johnson Rice Investment
New Orleans, LA

“Creating lasting friendships – That’s one key to thriving despite ALS – Have friends you can laugh hysterically with.”

– Steve Gleason shares an important aspect of his friendship with Scott Fujita.

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