Educational Webinars

Team Gleason and the Center for Medicare Advocacy have helped over 400 ALS families with ALS understand the Medicare home health benefit and maximize access to coverage and care. The Home Health Initiative provides the following three Educational Webinars:

Medicare for People Living With ALS During a Public Health Emergency (PHE) and Beyond – Better understand changes to Medicare during the PHE and how to make the best decisions about Medicare at any time.

An Overview of Medicare for People Living With ALS – Eligibility, Enrollment, Choosing Between Traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage, Coverage and Payment Issues.

An Overview of Medicare Home Health Coverage – Related Law, Regulations, Policies and Practical Tips to Assist People Living With ALS to Access Home and Community-Based Medicare Coverage.

Case Studies: Pathways to Maximizing Medicare Home Health Coverage and Access to Care for People Living With ALS (Considering Skilled Care, Homebound, Face-to-Face Certification and “Dependent” Service Issues)

"We all have a timeline.
Most of us don't live like we have a timeline."

- Steve Gleason

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