An ALS diagnosis often triggers a premature acceptance of actual or perceived physical limitations and a resulting down-shift in stimulating and fulfilling experiences. As avid travelers and explorers, Steve and Michel Gleason set out to continue pursuing a life of travel experiences in the face of Steve’s diagnosis; proving in the process that living with ALS just might be the ultimate adventure. This is the spirit that inspires Team Gleason Adventures.

With a goal to raising expanded public awareness of ALS, Team Gleason provides and documents extraordinary life Adventures for individuals with ALS. Team Gleason has afforded hundreds of people unique Adventures they would otherwise have never dreamed possible after their diagnosis.

Steve Gleason was a counterculture athlete who knew that his life on the field was not enough to fulfill his adventurous spirit, so he spent his off-season adventuring around the globe. He always enjoyed experiencing other cultures and learning from and connecting with individuals from around the globe.

This passion did not waver following his diagnosis, and his continued adventures took him to unique locations like Antarctica and Machu Picchu, capturing the essence of these destinations at every stop along the way. Documenting these adventures reflects the commitment to seeking exploration, despite an ALS diagnosis. These Adventures tell the story of resiliency and hope, and are empowering the culture within the ALS community.

By properly documenting each Adventure, the exposure of ALS to the public creates an enhanced level of public awareness. We believe these adventures are not only inspiring, but also create opportunities to educate individuals who would otherwise not know ALS.

From excursions to destinations around the world, to parties filled with family and friends, to trips to the Super Bowl or the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, Team Gleason Adventures create lasting and oftentimes, life changing memories for individuals and families living with ALS.

Team Gleason Adventures create lasting and oftentimes, life changing memories for individuals and families living with ALS.

Team Gleason Adventure with Peck and Willie Robertson

Jim Peckenpaugh asked Willie Robertson, CEO of Duck Commander, to join him on a deer hunting adventure. He was gifted a new Extreme x8 Power Wheelchair by Innovation In Motion so he can enjoy the outdoors in spite of living with ALS.

Patagonia: Angelina’s journey to the end of the world

Despite Angelina’s ALS diagnosis she didn’t let that stop her from a two-week journey to Chilean Patagonia in a wheelchair. 

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Breanna’s Fox Island Adventure

Breanna’s Fox Island Adventure

Team Gleason was able to help Breanna spend a few days in Fox Island, Washington to enjoy the nature and quality time with her children.

Red Sox at Angel Stadium Adventure

Red Sox at Angel Stadium Adventure

Every adventure is unique, but a father is a father. Clayton wanted to make sure his son had an amazing time, and an Adventure to see the Red Sox play at Angels Stadium didn’t disappoint.

ATV Riding at Hatfield-McCoy Trails

ATV Riding at Hatfield-McCoy Trails

When Matthew’s family reached out about surprising their father with a trip to ride side by side ATVs throughout the country roads, we immediately got to planning! Matthew and his family were able to ride the Hatfield-McCoy trail system in West Virginia.

"We all have a timeline.
Most of us don't live like we have a timeline."

- Steve Gleason

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