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Team Gleason is committed to providing support services through education, virtual community gatherings, and respite services.


Persons diagnosed with ALS, their families, and caregivers are invited to join our virtual community gatherings. We discuss how to cope with the day-to-day challenges of living with ALS, share information, resources, and referrals. Our goal is to bring the ALS community together safely to make connections, share experiences, and provide a friendly, caring virtual environment to share in.

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Caregivers of persons living with ALS undertake a very important role in the daily life of their loved one. Providing care for pALS gets increasingly challenging as the disease progresses. The responsibility often falls to one or two caregivers who struggle to find time to care for loved ones and juggle the demands of daily life, which may include a job or caring for other family members. Their devotion can exact an enormous personal toll that can adversely affect the caregiver’s physical and psychological health. Respite Care affords caregivers the time and peace of mind to focus on their own needs and interests. These intervals of relief, whether they be a few hours a week or multiple days per month, offer caregivers the opportunity to reduce stress, restore energy, and maintain balance. Finding additional help is essential for a successful long-term care plan.

Team Gleason offers respite grants in Michigan with ALS of Michigan and Nebraska, Iowa, or South Dakota with ALS in the Heartland.

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