Thank you so much for Will’s new portable power chair. Today we went to an ENT appt and having the power chair was immensely helpful. The walk into the office was too far for Will to walk with his rollator. Doctor’s appts are stressful enough, but having the chair alleviated our usual struggle with trying to find close entrances and office wheelchairs. It was nice to not have to plan an extra 20 minutes for “how are we going to get into the building.”

The BEST thing about this chair is the opportunities it has given Will to participate in our young family’s life again. ALS is such a brutal and exhausting disease— Will tires so easily. Having the chair in the house has helped him conserve energy and spend more time with the family. He can ride in the chair the 20 feet down our driveway and sit by the gym set while our kids play. He and Liam (3 years old) have “races” down our driveway. The kids get “rides to the kitchen” (a walk of maybe 50ft lol) for their nighttime glass of milk before bed. To someone who doesn’t have ALS, these may seem like trivial things—watching your kids play on the gym set or getting them a glass of milk—but it is everything to us…it has created some small bit of normalcy and laughter in the midst of this dark disease that shook our world for the last two years.

Many, many thanks.
No White Flags!

The Rutherford Family
(Gabrielle, Will, Rosalee, & Liam)