January 2023
Written by David Kolbe and Megan Hutchinson

We wanted to let you know we had an amazing time this weekend in New Orleans. We went to Audubon Zoo and did the Riverfront on Saturday. Bodie (Megan’s son) was able to get some crawfish a couple times so that made him happy. Took in way too many calories!! The game was an awesome experience. Thanks to the Gleason team for letting us take this trip. I know we all made memories that will last a lifetime!

We would say our favorite part was the Saints game of course. Although it didn’t turn out in our favor, the stadium was amazing as were all the staff there. I think Bodie was in shock.

Bodie loves crawfish and he would probably say that was his best part. We went to Deanies and they initially said they didn’t have them. I thought he was going to cry but the hostess came and found us about 15 minutes later and let us know they just got some in. He quickly turned his frown upside down

The most memorable part would be the smiles on everyone’s face. Other than that, David was pretty excited about seeing James Carvelle on the sidewalk right next to where we stayed. David is big into politics so having that happen was pretty cool.

I think the biggest challenge was pleasing everyone with food. I don’t think we all have the same taste and we tried to let everyone pick a restaurant once. Then resorted to Uber eats when someone wasn’t happy. 

The trip meant the world as this was the first trip and will probably be the last that we’ve taken as a family. David has noticed a decline in his strength recently but hopefully he will continue in a slow progression.

We really appreciate the opportunity to do this and I know the kids enjoyed it.  

Thanks again, 
David and Megan

Team Gleason would like to extend a special thanks to Sonder for an accessible stay and also the New Orleans Saints for providing accessible seats for David’s Adventure.