Karen and Michael Sork are an awesome couple living with ALS. They’ve been to many Team Gleason events and are an inspiration to all of us. We were excited to be able to help them when the time arose.

With the funds raised for The Gleason Initiative Foundation, we were able to buy the Sorks a new shower chair.
See email and pictures below:

Steve, Michel and Team Gleason,

We are so grateful and very humbled. You have just made our lives so much easier than any normal person could imagine. However, we know that Team Gleason knows exactly what we are saying. Everyday brings a new challenge and you have just conquered one of our biggest challenges yet, other than finding a cure for ALS. Which we all know is on the top of everyone list. GO TEAM GLEASON AND NO WHITE FLAGS. We will find a way to pass it on.

Liz (Chapoton),

You have been a great friend and Ambassador to the ALS community and their cALS. Thank you ever so much.
Good afternoon Team Gleason. I want to thank you guy’s from the bottom of my heart. I am so excited along with my wife, because this will make it so easy on her and safer for me. I have said it before, that I am so thankful for Steve bringing ALS to the forefront and making everybody aware of this disease.

Thank you again and God Bless and No White Flags.

Michael Sork


Steve and Michael at Gleason Gras