Mark and Shelley contacted Team Gleason in hopes of getting plane tickets to New Orleans for the Superbowl. They were given tickets to the game but it was not in their budget to fly here or securing a hotel room.

“Hello and thank you in advance for taking the time to read this message….I’m contacting you to see if I can get help for my husband Mark Mastrofrancesco (49 with 3 children Megan, Ben & Joey). He has been suffering with ALS for almost 2 years. Recently a good friend has given him 2 tickets to the super bowl this year in NOLA and with our now one income and medical bills mounting I can’t see us buying a ticket to fly there.

So we sent the family some Team Gleason merch…


And… With the money donated to The Gleason Initiative Foundation, we were able to fly them to Nola and pay for their hotel room (at a discount from the awesome Embassy Suites) so they could enjoy an awesome weekend with their friends. And watch The Ravens win!!

From Shelley:

“Words can not describe how excited we are! We so look forward to meeting with you guys, it would be the highlight of this trip. Everyday is a gift and we are so grateful for your generosity to help make it so special for Mark.”

We got to spend some time with them during a visit to The Team Gleason House.

From Mark and Shelley

Team Gleason,

Mark & I want to thank you all for a wonderful Superbowl weekend. We truly enjoyed meeting with your lovely family and touring the amazing ALS facility. We have asked a few people for donations for your team. Where should we have the funds sent to? Please let us know how we can help with awareness or fundraising. We have a great group of friends who would love to help.

Please look at a few of our pictures during our fun filled visit.

Love, Shelley & Mark Mastrofrancesco