March 20, 2020

Paul W. from New York using his new technology provided by Team Gleason

“Right now I am using the new surface Pro with the new head mouse and Dragon speech technology. Thank you for the doors that are starting to open. Technology equals quality of life. The more I use it the better I will get at it. Team Gleason has been incredibly supportive. I have had some great interactive coaching lessons from Eddie at Bridging Voice. Still getting used to some of the voice commands. Yesterday I sent an email, and I found myself yelling at the computer, send send send. LOL mental note to self, remember to say the word click first LOL. Next week we are going to start the voice banking. Very much looking forward to that. Also looking at ways to control the television from the Surface Pro. That’s going to be great to be able to switch back and forth between football and NASCAR. Providing we ever get back to that (COVID). Crazy world we live in right now. Stay safe my friends and thank you thank you thank you for all you do!”