June 2022
by Cate Prato

We had a great time at the Red Sox game!

Our favorite part of the experience was the incredible view of Fenway Park and just being able to have such a special outing with my husband. Everyone at Fenway was so helpful and kind. The seats are much higher than they look on TV, and that gave me butterflies, but it was OK after a while. Also, it was quite windy–I almost lost my hat several times! So it was a true adventure!

There’s nothing like being at the ball park. We even ran into some good friends and took a selfie.

My friend / Personal Caregiver, Caitlin, helped get me ready, packing straws, tissues, medicine, etc. in my backpack. She also called ahead to make sure I could bring a backpack in. That was very helpful and lowered my anxiety about the outing.

I think other pALS would enjoy this adventure, but if you don’t like heights maybe choose a different seat, haha!  We had a great time and will treasure the memory.

We also had a friend meet us at the game so I could be dropped off before parking the van. I recommend these tips for lowering stress and anxiety.