October 2021
by Linda Maloney

The trip to Cocoa Beach, Florida was wonderful! My favorite part was the ocean and the sandy beach. I could just sit there all day and watch the waves roll in and out. The surfers, as well as the many different birds, were fun to watch, too. I enjoyed so many things with my family! Staying in that beautiful condo was a real treat. You could hear the ocean and watch the beach all day right from our balcony. At night, we enjoyed laughing and hanging out together around the condo. We went to the Cocoa beach Pier and it was fun to be out over the ocean at the end of the pier. Lots of surfers to watch trying to catch a wave. Tons of cool shops on the pier, and we went to Ron Jons Surf Shop as well.

It was so wonderful that Team Gleason made my wish come true for this trip. We would have never been able to go on this family vacation if not for them. It is a great memory for me and will be a great memory for my family when I am gone. Thank you so much for the beautiful trip.