February 2024
by Lesley, Mike, and Jordan Krummel 

When I first filled out my application for an adventure to the Super Bowl, I never dreamed that everything would fall into place as it did.

My family and I have been Kansas City Chiefs fans for decades, and to get to see them in the Super Bowl was a dream come true. At the beginning of the football season, the Chiefs were not doing that well. I was not sure that they would make it to the Super Bowl at all. But in true Chiefs form, they pulled it together and made it! 

My husband, Mike, and our son, Jordan are the two biggest KC Chiefs fans I know. Well, everyone in our family are huge Chiefs fans. 

So, when I got the news that we were going to go to the Super Bowl we were over the moon! We set out for Kansas City to catch our flight. As we were walking through the airport, we could hear drums. Pretty soon, here came a drum core and KC Wolf. What fun! Then, as we neared our gate that we would be loading the plane from, there were balloons and banners and lots of people excited to go to the game. When we boarded the plane, I think every single person on there was a KC Chiefs fan. We had a fun flight to Las Vegas!  

Everyone at United Airlines was very helpful and made my trip so much easier. We arrived in Las Vegas and Emily had arranged transportation for me, which was perfect. We got to Harrah’s hotel and settled in.

We were able to take in some sites on Saturday. We were able to get on the Highroller and enjoy a wax museum. 

Finally, Sunday arrived!

Once again, Emily had arranged my transportation, and it went very well. We got to the stadium and were able to go down onto the field before the game. That was amazing! We cannot thank Andrew Jo for his help getting the Super Bowl tickets and the on-field passes. 

The stadium was super easy to get around in my wheelchair and everyone was very helpful. The best part about the whole day was that the Kansas City Chiefs won in overtime! What a game!


My husband and I had a blast and will never forget our time and our experience at the Super Bowl. Emily was amazing to work with and made everything go smoothly. If we had any questions, she was available to answer them and help us out. 

Emily had arranged transportation for us to get back to the airport, and once again that went very smoothly. The flight home was full of Kansas City chief fans again, so we had a very nice flight home. 

We cannot thank Team Gleason, Andrew Jo, National Football League Sr. Manager of Retired Players Program and Emily Elizabeth, Adventure Coordinator, for the amazing adventure. It was a once in a lifetime experience that we will not forget. Go Chiefs!