August 2022
Shirley Eave & Tabetha Mackey

I am writing this on behalf of my sister, Shirley. Once again, thank you all for a wonderful dream come true vacation for our family and especially my sister. This trip was a blessing and meant so much to her just having us all together making beautiful memories that will last us a lifetime. We are still talking and laughing at the things we saw and got to experience.

I believe my sister’s favorite part of this entire trip was to see her children, grandchildren and siblings all come together in such a beautiful place such as Nevada. She truly enjoyed how we walked the strip at night looking at all the beautiful buildings light up. The gorgeous hotels such as the Bellagio, Caesars Palace, Paris Las Vegas hotel, Mandalay Bay hotel and the Venetian Resort and all their beautiful features inside. 

We also got the chance to ride the monorail to the New York New York Coaster ride down by the MGM hotel and decided to go in and have lunch at the MGM food court which was very nice.  Some other highlights of her trip were getting to see the Bellagio dancing water fountains and the Mirage Volcano show right outside of the Mirage hotel. As a matter of fact, we could even watch the show from our hotel window at Harrah’s Las Vegas if we liked. The view from our hotel room was so awesome; we would lay in bed and watch the beautiful city all lit up at night and in the morning wake to the beautiful mountains as our view.

She also got the chance to visit the Coca-Cola and M&M stores. My sister had never seen so many M&Ms in her life. She really enjoyed going from level to level picking out the different colors to fill her bag and, oh my goodness, the smell in that store is just delicious! We also enjoyed our photo shoot with the photographer and took lots of fun pictures with our phones as well. Making memories is what we wanted, and I feel that we accomplished that on this trip. I feel these were her most favorite and memorable things we did in Vegas.

Were there any challenges on the trip? Yes, I would say there were a couple of things that were challenging. First, let’s start with the wheelchair. The chair she had was not comfortable most of the time, especially after being in it for several hours a day. I feel it wasn’t the proper chair she needed because she could not lean back, and her neck would get very tired and begin to pain her.

Also being out all day, the restroom was another issue because the toilets were so low, and it was difficult to lift her to get her back in the chair. Also, next time I would highly recommend that she get a hospital bed or something. Even though the room was a handicap room, the bed was way too low. Getting her in was fine but getting her up was challenging at times.

The one thing my sister really wanted to do more than anything on this trip was go to Gordon Ramsey’s Restaurant Hell’s Kitchen. We really tried to make that happen for her but didn’t know we needed to have a reservation to dine there. This is all she talked about before and during the trip was going to his restaurant. My brother and I really tried to make it happen for her but could not get in. One day I pray she will get the chance to go back, and we make this wish come true. 

Other than these few things, the trip was amazing and we were not going to let anything keep us from having a great time.

All I can say about the Harrah’s Hotel is what a blessing from beginning to ending of our stay. From the time we checked into the hotel we had excellent service. The manager, Ms. Ani, was so very helpful and made sure all our accommodations were taken care of. It made me feel so good that they treated us as VIP and delivered my sister a VIP gift basket to the room. They honored the $500.00 food voucher for her and took care of our rooms from beginning to end of stay.

I feel none of us can say one bad thing about this hotel. It was just a blessing to have such beautiful rooms with an awesome view. We just want to thank Team Gleason and everyone else that was involved in making this wish come true. We also would like to thank the management and staff of Harrah’s Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada for showing us such beautiful hospitality. God bless you all!

Team Gleason and the Eave Family would like to give a special thank you to Caesars Entertainment for providing the accommodations at Harrah’s Las Vegas that made Shirley’s Adventure truly special.