Shelby Rowe is a fantastic, (really) young woman who is living life with ALS. We’ve wanted to help her in some way and finally found a way to do it.
We got this email from her:

“I have a question that’s kinda weird. We’re going out west may first for my birthday and we will be gone for a month. I was hoping you guys might be able to help us out so we can still do our whole trip without my dad worrying about his business so much.

thanks for listening to me ramble Michel

With the funds raised for The Gleason Initiative Foundation, we were able to pay for the gas money for the road trip. Here is a summary of the trip:

We started out in Utah, which was my favorite stop. we went to zion and arches, and saw some of the most amazing natural rock formations. next was yosemite where we met up with my sister in law. she helped a lot while we hiked(or rolled in my case). next we went to napa where we visited san francisco. it was very pretty, but the most crowded and touristy place we went to and not one of my favorite places. we then headed to redwood national park where it rained the whole time, but we went to the prettiest black sand beach with the best view of the ocean and the sunset. we continued on to the san juan islands. we went whale-watching and got to see some humpbacks and sea lions which was really fun. for our last stop we headed to yellowstone where we met with a friend of my dad’s and his daughter. they helped us around the park and taught us a few things on the way. there we got to see a ton of bison and also a few moose and elk. it was an amazing trip i am so grateful for and most definitely will not forget.


Keep on kicking butt, Shelby!!