Team Gleason has fallen in love with the Frates family, aka “Frate Train”. Pete, his brother Andrew and his wife came down to the Team Gleason summit and we learned that he and his family have a similar love, support team, and passion for life as Steve and his team.

We invited the crew back down to New Orleans for the Voodoo Music Experience . With the funds donated to The Gleason Initiative Foundation and the generosity of Rehage Entertainment and the Mccready Family of Pearl Jam, the Frates had an epic adventure.

Highlights included: hotel stay and van rental, backstage passes at Voodoo, meeting Pearl Pam and an added bonus: meeting Drew Brees at the concert.

The Frates are an excellent example of persevering despite adversity and we are happy to fight this fight along side of their team.

No white Flags

From Pete: