by Marsha M.
Kalamazoo, MI

After 50 years, one has quite the collection of fabric scraps. What to do? I had acquired a number of sports fabrics while making pillowcases, so decided to make an NFL sports-themed quilt with various teams highlighted. To locate a variety of fabrics, I called upon family and friends living or visiting the different states to purchase additional fabric for me. This was becoming quite a big project to represent a variety of teams and still keep the quilt manageable.

I was diagnosed with ALS in October 2018 and my NFL-themed quilt is what got me through the rough times of ALS when I lost the use of my legs. I could focus on just one fabric block at a time and sort of forget about the pain. After two years, it was finally finished in February 2020. I could not have carried out this project without my Quantum Edge eye-level chair that allowed me to reach and move about my sewing room.

Today I still like to sew, but have decided to teach my granddaughter who shows interest. My energy is diminishing and I just can’t work for long periods, plus the ALS is affecting my hands and arms now. It is difficult to grip, to hold pins, to cut, and to move around. My family was noticing changes in my voice last fall, so I began the process of banking my voice. Recently, I received a TobiiDynavox and have those banked messages and stories transferred to this equipment. 

I wanted to be forward looking and plan for the days to come. Hopefully this will give me greater peace and control…that technology can be my helper. I am learning how to use it to interact with family and friends and
want to leave stories and messages of love for these people in my own voice. I am so thankful for the support that I have received from Team Gleason.