I was diagnosed with ALS in 2018. Since then my progression has been relatively slow, so far, it has mostly affected my balance, gait, and speech. I’m a retired firefighter and prior to the onset of symptoms, I was a very active mountain rescue volunteer, skier, and cyclist. Losing my leg function put a stop to those activities but it opened time for me to pursue woodworking, a long-postponed hobby. I’ve rearranged my workshop to allow wheelchair access to all of the tools but most of them are designed to be used while standing. That’s where the elevator comes in. It’s allowed me to safely and effectively use tools and machines that would be literally out of reach with a standard chair.

My other newfound hobby is being a Grandpa. Our first grandkids, twins, were born in April. My Daughter Annie (not the twins’ Mom as she is busy enough) and I have been busy building a pair of cribs. It has been a great project because it has allowed us to spend time together while creating a family heirloom. The Permobil elevator provided by the Gleason Foundation has facilitated all of this and I’m happy to be able to share this story to show our gratitude. – Dave C

“I wanted to share a couple of blog posts from a woodworking supply retailer’s blog.  They came about when your post about Laurie and me was shared on social media by my sister.  Thanks again for your help in getting the elevator, it really has made a big difference.”  



📷  Laurie Clarke (Dave’s wife)