Steve’s dad and stepmom have grown very close with the Belotti family. Nick was diagnosed with ALS at an early age, is married to an awesome girl named Stephani, and they just had a baby boy named Nolan! Mike and Jackie helped put on a fundraiser in Spokane and wanted to help the Bellotti family with the funds raised. Their biggest need was a van conversion, so with the funds raised, The Gleason Initiative Foundation was able to help them! Thanks especially to Mike and Jackie Gleason.

From Patti, Nick’s mom:

Dear Michel, Steve, Rivers and Team Gleason,

Thank you so much! That is incredibly generous! You have no idea how much we appreciate the help!

We will be thrilled to have pictures of us taken with the van completed and all of us in our Team Gleason T-shirts. We would need 3 extra large T’s, 1 large, 1 medium and I’m not sure if you have newborn sizes, but if you do, we may have little Nolan in the picture also! Maybe Jackie can come take the photos – or Mike…

It may take 8 weeks for the conversion to be completed, because they are shipping the van to the Braun facility back east. But it’s ready to go and it should ship out this week.

We are so excited – this will give them such freedom! Thank you so much!
Love to you all!
Patti, Nick, Stephani, Robert, Tony & Nolan Lee

Nick painting by mouth


Nick and Stephani and the Fam (including Baby Nolan!) with the modified van.