Welcome to Team Gleason’s National Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Registry Information Page! 

The National ALS Registry is a crucial initiative designed to empower individuals living with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) to actively participate in groundbreaking research. ALS, often referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, ultimately leading to loss of muscle control. 

Why Join the National ALS Registry:

  1. Contribute to Research: By joining the National ALS Registry, individuals with ALS have the opportunity to contribute valuable data and insights to ongoing research efforts. Your participation plays a vital role in advancing our understanding of ALS and brings us one step closer to discovering effective treatments and, ultimately, a cure.

  2. Help Future Generations: Your involvement in the National ALS Registry isn’t just about your journey with ALS—it’s about making a lasting impact on future generations. By sharing your experiences and information, you contribute to a growing body of knowledge that will benefit individuals diagnosed with ALS in the years to come.

  3. Drive Progress: Research today lays the foundation for tomorrow’s breakthroughs. By being part of the National ALS Registry, you actively support efforts to uncover the mysteries of ALS, identify potential risk factors, and pave the way for innovative treatments. Your commitment accelerates progress and brings hope to those affected by this challenging disease.

Join the Registry 

Team Gleason is dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with ALS, and our partnership with the National ALS Registry aligns with our commitment to driving change. By actively participating in the Registry, you become a vital part of the Team Gleason community, contributing to a brighter future for everyone affected by ALS. 

Together, we can turn today’s research into tomorrow’s breakthroughs. Join the National ALS Registry and be a driving force in the quest for a world without ALS.  

 Registry Goals 

The federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) established the National ALS Registry in 2010 to collect and analyze data about people living with ALS in the U.S. Its purpose is to gather data to better understand ALS. The information is used to: 

  • Estimate how many new cases of ALS are diagnosed each year 
  • Estimate how many people are living with ALS 
  • Better understand who gets ALS
  • Better understand what factors affect the disease
  • Enhance research to find the cause(s) of ALS 

Who to contact if you are having problems logging into the National ALS Registry website: