June 11, 2018

Thanks to the funds donated to Team Gleason Foundation, we were able to assist Nancy on a month long Louisiana adventure where she was able to experience every aspect of her daughter’s wedding. Here’s her story.

Nancy’s daughter, Kaylee, reached out to Team Gleason and let us know how amazing of a woman she is. Kaylee told us it hasn’t been easy for her to be going to school in Louisiana while her mom was struggling back in her home state of Michigan. Nancy was pretty adamant that ALS wouldn’t “win” by causing Kaylee to move back home from the state and school that she loved. When Nancy was first diagnosed Kaylee was thinking about transferring to a school close to home and Nancy’s exact words were, “The Hell you are!”.

Being an only child it was very important for Nancy to make it to her daughter’s wedding day. Team Gleason was able to help Nancy come to Louisiana for a month giving her the time to help with the wedding as much as she can as well as get some quality time together before she gives her daughter away. Kaylee gave us an update on how her mom’s adventure went, this is what she had to say:

“We are so grateful that, thanks to Team Gleason, my mom got to experience every aspect of my wedding, from planning to execution. She was able to come down to Louisiana almost a month before the big day and help me plan out all the details, plus go on adventures like shopping and hitting the trails at their amazing AirBnB, which was 100% handicap accessible. My mom was able to sit outside every morning and evening to watch the river and wildlife. She’s always loved camping, fishing, and being in nature, so to go out an the handicap-accessible trails through the woods every day brought her so much joy. Thanks to Team Gleason, my mom was able to have all the comforts of home with her the weeks before my wedding so she could relax and spend quality time with me before “giving me away.” Having her there also allowed us to make wedding decorations for her wheelchair and headrest, so she could just be seen as the mother of the bride, instead of guests seeing her disease before they see her. She was able to meet many of my new in-laws and spend quality time with everyone in our family all in one place. We are so grateful to Team Gleason for giving my mom an amazing Louisiana Adventure full of memories we will never forget. Thank you. #NoWhiteFlags”.