We Need You to Help Secure Medicare Coverage for Critical Wheelchair Technology

Without seat elevation provided by Team Gleason and our generous partners, many medicare beneficiaries are forced to go without medically necessary wheelchair technology if they are not able to afford the costs out of pocket. Currently, Medicare is reviewing the request to provide coverage for these critical systems, known as a “National Coverage Determination” or “NCD Request.” If successful, Medicare will recognize for the first time that these systems are “primarily medical in nature,” and, therefore, covered durable medical equipment benefits – not convenience or luxury items for wheelchair users. These systems provide numerous health benefits, such as the decreased risk of falls or injuries when moving in and out of wheelchairs, safety for not only the user but for the caregiver, line of eyesight benefits, as well as added independence that reduces the necessity for another personal aid. 

“The wheelchair is the only way to keep from total bed restriction. In the elevated and reclined position the use of a Bipap unit allows her oxygen level to be maintained, and that is essential.” R.H., Maryland
“The lift has saved my wife’s back by allowing me to get onto the toilet, into the shower, and has made it easy to transfer to and from the hospital bed.” B.B., Virginia

Medicare has denied access to this technology for far too long. Please help those who will need vital seat elevation for power wheelchairs, by sharing your experience with Medicare. It is important that we illustrate the medical necessity of safe transfers and how seat elevation provides a safer environment for all.

Medicare has opened its public comments for 30 days which ends on September 14th, so it is urgently important that they hear from as many in the ALS community as possible. The process only takes a few minutes. To add your comments, please go to:

www.Rise4Access.org Provides complete information, answers questions, and offers sample text. Please focus exclusively on comments related to how seat elevation has or will provide a safer environment and the ability to complete mobility-related activities of daily living.

What is Seat Elevation?

This displays the seat elevation feature on power wheelchairs. On the left, the seat elevation feature is not extended. On the right, the seat elevation feature is extended, adding significant height to the power wheelchair. This additional height allows users to extend their reach, be eye-level with others, and safely transfer.

Medicare is currently accepting public comments on the importance of power seat elevation through Wednesday, September 14th.