December 2023
by Keith and Macey Hoaglund

After applying in July, Team Gleason was finally able to assist Macey in December for her dream trip to Hawaii! In her application, Macey wrote: “I am so excited to go to Hawaii. I’ve never been there because it seemed so out of reach. I want to do anything and everything there is to do.”

My daughter, Macey, was approved for a trip to Hawaii in December. She was thrilled to hear the trip included airfare and hotel accommodations for four! Macey, her care provider Charlie, her Aunt Brenda and I made up the crew. In addition, the flight was a non-stop direct flight from Minneapolis to Honolulu. This was a big deal as getting on and off a plane is kind of challenging, managing Macey’s chair and everything, but she had some great seats to help endure the long flight.

Upon arrival we were greeted by a very helpful representative who provided accessible transportation to our hotel.

The hotel was situated right on the beach and had amazing views of the ocean and surf. Macey or I had never been to Hawaii before it was simply amazing. We had easy access to the beach, restaurants, and shopping. The hotel was also close enough to downtown that we could walk. We spent one day at the local zoo where we saw elephants, giraffes and sloths. Not to mention all the wonderful vegetation and flowers everywhere.  

“I never imagined a vacation like this. When I was diagnosed, I just kind of assumed I would never be able to travel anymore, and I haven’t. Although I am progressed quite a bit, I have people around me who keep encouraging me and making travel possible. – Macey Hoaglund

This was truly a once in a lifetime experience and Macey and a big smile on her face the entire week. To top it all off, Macey was upgraded to first class for the return trip, these are the seats that lay flat so she was very comfortable for that 8-hour return flight.

Thank you, Team Gleason, for this amazing and memorable adventure. 

Adventure Details:

FLIGHT: Delta Airlines, Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN ⇔ Honolulu-Oahu, HI

LODGING: Honolulu-Oahu, HI (HNL) – Hilton Hawaiian Village, Resort View | Mobility Accessible, Roll-in Shower