We’ve heard lots of praise about Lisa LaFaver from friends and family via email and social media.
So – we were excited to assist she and her family in buying a new van.
With the money brought in from a successful fundraiser the LaFavers held at The Howlin Wolf and the generosity of Superior Vans here in New Orleans, we were able to offset the remainder of the cost of the van with the funds donated to The Gleason Initiative Foundation.
See below from the awesome LaFavers!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I can’t say it enough.  Also, please, for me and on behalf of Lisa, please thank Steve, Michel and anyone else at Team Gleason who had a part in the granting of your huge donation that made this van possible for us.  It is such a blessing for Lisa to be able to travel now in her chair, as well as her caregivers, and friends/family.  Up to today, it was nearly impossible for anyone to take her anywhere without me being there to physically lift her and move her in and out of our Honda van.  We went to lunch today and it was so convenient for me and Angie (caregiver).  More importantly, it was so much easier on Lisa, physically and mentally, to be able to stay in her power chair the entire time.  Having this tool will be, as Steve says, ‘It’s gonna be awesome!’