November 2023
by the Lippert Family

When Matthew’s family reached out about surprising their father with a trip to ride side by side ATVs throughout the country roads, we immediately got to planning! Matthew and his family were able to ride the Hatfield-McCoy trail system in West Virginia.

Thank you so much Team Gleason!

This trip truly meant the world to our family as we have only ever been on one vacation together and its been awhile since dad has gotten to see everyone together having fun and making memories, especially as a family.

Everyday seemed to be a new adventure and there was a different experience for the family every day along with different challenges dad faced.

Some of the challenges we faced were the accessibility of the cabins we stayed at and places along the trails for break stops. Although dad is still able to walk with a walker, he still has trouble with stairs and long distances as they are both tiring.

The most memorable instances about this trip would have to be see the smile on dads face after getting out of his sxs after completing one of the hardest trail on the Hatfield-McCoy trail system.

We planned the last day of the trip for dad to drive the whole day on the Outlaw trails knowing that this could be the last time he would probably drive. He had so much fun driving through the difficult trails and maneuvering through tough turns and obstacles.

Although dad wanted to be in the driver seat for the whole trip, we knew it would be a challenge so we brough family friends to help with the driving. Having an extra driver made it possible for dad to go through McDonalds’s drive through while in his sxs, and the smile on his face was unmatched.

If anyone else wants to go on an adventure similar to this one, dad recommends you don’t get frustrated if you can’t do everything. Just sit back an enjoy the ride.

Adventure Details:

Gold and Blue Cabins
Almost Heaven Cabin
Bluefield, WV 24701