​Louisiana – Show off your support for Team Gleason on your car!  
Frequently Asked Questions:

I live out of state, can I buy one? 

The vehicle must be registered in the State of Louisiana, and title fees will apply.

Is it possible for my specialty Team Gleason plate to also have a handicapped notation?

A handicapped notation is not available for these plates, but you can still use a handicapped hang tag instead.

I have already paid my registration fees for my vehicle. Why am I being charged more to get my Team Gleason plate?

There are three categories of fees that you will be charged to obtain this license plate:

  • A royalty fee is required for this plate. The proceeds of this fee go directly to the Team Gleason Foundation. 
  • OMV collects an $8.00 handling fee on all non-renewal vehicle transactions, as well as a one-time $3.50 administrative fee for all specialty plates. There are also various convenience fees charged by OMV depending upon the payment method you select.
  • In order to issue this plate to your vehicle, OMV may be required to add additional months to your registration to give a full 2-year registration period. Any additional months would be factored into your total fees due. Credit for any months already applied to your vehicle registration will be given as well. 


Additional info: 

Please ensure you have properly titled and registered the vehicle in your name.

Have your current registration available and verify vehicle information.

Special Plates can be issued to automobiles, trucks up to 16,000 lbs., and private buses (motor homes).