June 15, 2021

By Pat Jansky 

When you want to go to Paris, but that’s just too far to travel, what do you do? Go to Las Vegas! I’m a gambler, so that was an obvious choice for me when I decided to try and travel once again. ALS has caused me to lose my ability to walk and talk, but I can still push buttons, so here we go!

Getting on and off the plane was extremely easy thanks to Southwest Airlines. I took my foldable wheelchair right to the gate and onto the plane. They lifted me into an aisle chair then transferred me into the seat. They then stowed my chair. It was a little bit of a wait for a wheelchair-accessible taxi, but totally understandable.

Checking into the Paris Hotel was a bit of a challenge. We had reserved a “wheelchair” accessible room but found out what we needed was a “handicapped “ accessible room. When we finally got our room switched, it was time to relax and have fun. So many places to see…so many games to play!

Every resort is a different world! The slot machines were pretty amazing as well. Oh, and the steak and lobster dinner was awesome.

Thank you to Team Gleason. I wasn’t sure that I had an Adventure left in me, but after reading the other Adventure stories, I decided to gamble and take this opportunity since Las Vegas is a special place for me. I took my late mother to see Wayne Newton there many years ago and my husband and I were married there, too.

Thank you, Team Gleason, for giving me a memorable trip!

Pat Jansky - Team Gleason Adventure

A Note From Team Gleason: We want to say thank you to the ALS Association Nevada Chapter for helping Pat with equipment while on her Team Gleason Adventure!