We’re always excited to receive happy messages from pALS thanks to our work with Numotion:

“My wheelchair was delivered a month ago. I’ll be honest, I didn’t start using it at first. My walker and I would hobble past it and I would give it a “hello friend,” and keep going. There was a mental obstacle I had to overcome in using it. It took me a week, and several almost-falls, to sit in it. When I did, I immediately started using the elevator feature for things like eating at our breakfast bar, reaching for things on a countertop, talking to friends that stop by to visit. Each time I use the feature, I think about the people before me, in a wheelchair, that didn’t have this feature. I can’t imagine not having this – it would be so difficult. The seat elevator has improved my quality of life by allowing me to be more independent when I am otherwise very dependent on the most basic needs. It improves my connection with my loved ones, which is the most important thing in my life. Team Gleason, you are doing a life changing work and I am forever grateful for your passion in making a difference for those with ALS.”

-Mary A.
Centerville, OH