Ben Laws and his family are back at it. This time, he brought his son Garrett along with him to host Greg Foster and his son, Ferrall on another successful fishing trip. We are so thankful for Ben for being an awesome member of Team Gleason.





Check out the recap from the day:

“Greg, Ferrall, Garrett and I had a great fishing trip on Sunday. The weather was wonderful although a bit cold on the run out early in the morning. I hope you can see what a great day it was in the photos. We caught lots of specs and a few reds. As always we missed as many as we caught. Actually more I think.

Greg and Ferrall were a pleasure to meet and fish with. Lots of great stories were told and many memories made. Ferrall caught the smallest spec I have ever seen on a hook. Not really sure how it was possible (should have taken a photo). In fact he caught several small ones and I started calling them “Ferrall fish”. He also caught the nice red and several large specs. I would have to say he won the fishing trophy for the day (that is if we had one).
My son Garrett really enjoyed the trip and is quite anxious to make another. He could not stop talking about Mr. Greg after we dropped them off. He was amazed at his wonderful disposition and good spirit. Greg really is amazing when you think about his finding out about ALS just this past August. The trip meant more to Garrett and I than any of you will ever know.

Thanks again to everyone for all the help in making these trips possible.