March 2023
by Steve Koscinski

Steve was diagnosed with ALS in 2020. Six months after his diagnosis, he and his family were planning on a vacation to spend quality time together. A day before they were set to leave, a fire destroyed their home. While focusing on rebuilding their home, staying active in Jiu Jitsu, and being a dad, the family trip was put on the back burner. Team Gleason is proud to have been able to help Steve finally make it to the Smoky Mountains to spend time with his family in nature. 

Our favorite part of the Adventure was seeing our 12-year-old son enjoy himself every day, to see him be a kid without worry for just a while.

We wish my daughters could have come too, but they are older and have jobs and responsibilities, maybe next time!

The most memorable moments would probably be the sunsets out our window at Camp Margaritaville and going to the top of the Great Smoky Mountains!

There were many challenges, as the world is not really very accessible for me and those like me.

I had to do a lot of watching rather than participating, which has become a hard reality, but we put on the happy face and fight on.

This particular hotel had beds that were, no exaggeration, 20 inches from the floor, so we had to modify ways to get me up with chairs, pillows, wheelchair, whatever it takes!

This trip was all I really wanted to do though, spend time with family, see God’s beautiful creations, and breathe. Kinda the opposite on a regular basis and we were definitely sad it came and went as it was great.