We got this email last year from Heather Wroe:

“My husband and best friend, Eric, was diagnosed with ALS in September. We were not surprised by the diagnosis, we had suspected for a while but it’s still a shock when the doctor confirms your worst fear. We have been together since high school, over 20 years, and he has been my rock. Eric is also an outlier as he is young, only 39. Like Steve, Eric was also born in Spokane, WA although, we live in Tacoma now. ALS is such a cruel, heartless disease and it has already taken so much. We try to create as many memories for our 11 year old daughter, Hanna, so she can remember something other than her daddy being sick.

I know we are strong and will somehow manage but wow, this can be so overwhelming.

We are inspired by Steve and his fight as we embark on our own. As a wife and mother I sympathize Michel’s anxieties, fears,love, and devotion.

Please know our thoughts are with you. You are not alone,together we can support each other. Stay strong and keep fighting the good fight.

Best wishes,

Heather, Eric, and Hanna Wroe”

We were naturally drawn to this awesome, young family, and were happy to be able to help them when they asked for assistance with technology. With the funds raised for The Gleason Initiative Foundation, we were able to purchase an IPad for Eric.

From Heather:

“I will certainly let you know what apps work and the ones that don’t.

It will certainly enhance the quality of our lives. I cannot thank you enough.

Heather Wroe”

Newer email from Heather:

“He is loving the IPad! He has used notability to do a lot of voice banking. He also recorded some things for me to share with Hanna when she gets older. He is also using it a lot to connect with other PALS. He has forged some awesome friendships and are a support to each other. It helps make his world bigger when he is too fatigued to go out.

It is also a lot less fatiguing and cumbersome for him to use over the laptop. We actually put his laptop away and he exclusively uses the IPad.

Thank you so much, with the mounting medical expenses (Medicare SUCKS!!) there is no way we could have afforded to get this for him.”