December 24, 2019

By: Lisa Gamboa

ALS is an unforgiving disease. It robes families of everything. However, there is usually someone that will give you some hope, and for us that someone has been Steve Gleason and his foundation. Steve is an inspiration for all.

Public awareness and education is fundamental to help the fight against ALS and the Gleason Foundation is at the center of this commitment.

ALS has robbed Don of the ability to talk or to complete any activities of daily living by himself, but he is blessed that he can still walk—a bit slow but he can still do it without assistance. With the help of the Gleason Foundation, we were able to fulfill Don’s Adventure to Hawaii and spend a few days in Maui enjoying the warm weather and the picturesque views of this amazing island.

We were able to attend our very first Luau. Don said he enjoyed the dances, but most importantly, he enjoyed the company of his family.

During our trip, Don had a few days with bad aspirations due to excessive saliva, but we were able to manage and enjoy every moment we could.

The culmination of the trip was a whale watching tour. It was amazing! The good thing is that Don doesn’t suffer from sea sickness because being on the boat felt like a roller-coaster ride. It was fun! Did we see any whales? We got to follow a few from a distance but not fortunate enough to see complete breaches. No matter, we are grateful we had this amazing opportunity.

“No white Flags” is our new motto when we tackle ALS and what’s to come in the future.