October 2023
by Tammy Rogerson

Team Gleason was happy to help Tammy and her family explore Pigeon Forge, Tennessee – a spot that holds sentimental memories. We covered lodging with an accessible VRBO and their trips to Dollywood and Ober Mountain in Gatlinburg. Read Tammy’s write up below to hear all about her Adventure!

Dollywood was my favorite part of the Adventure. I have always loved that placeAnd seeing my family enjoying it made me happy. This trip brought me enjoyment. Seeing my family having fun was enjoyment enough. It gave me a chance to spend quality time and fun time with my family.

I know I don’t have much time left and what time I do have I want to do things and spend what time I can with them.

I love Pigeon Forge for many reasons. I love Dolly Parton. I love that mountain air. Her park is beautiful with her songs playing. Riding the rides and getting soaked with Mylee, my granddaughter, and my son, Cameron were the most memorable parts. Getting into the ride was tough, but my son and the ride attendant helped me. 

My Dad had a log cabin in Tennessee, so I have been to Pigeon Forge before – most recently for my Honeymoon in May 2020. I would carry my two sons when they were children also, but I have not been able to take my granddaughter, Mylee. 

A Note from Tammy's Daughter-In-Law

Mrs. Tammy has spent all of her life working and caring for others,” wrote Sarah, her daughter-in-law, in their Adventure application. “So, when trips were brought up, she mentioned New York and Pigeon Forge. I asked her about Pigeon Forge, knowing it had sentimental value, and she said yes. This adventure means so much more than just a trip to our family. 

Tammy’s Advice:

This trip [Dollyworld and Ober Mountain] was very accessible for me; I was able to go anywhere I wanted with no trouble.

My advice to others is to be prepared to have fun. It is a lot to see. It is beautiful in Tennessee.

A trip worth taking!