July 2022
Juan Rodriguez

First and foremost, Disneyland Hotel was great. It had everything I needed to make it work. It was large and roomy, and it had a walk in shower.

Once we arrived, we never moved our van. It was great.

When we arrived, my awesome wife had to fight to get me a disability pass, which is like a fast-pass for our entire group.

They didn’t want to give it to us because I was in a power chair, which is crazy. With the pass, it made the trip well worth it.

Disneyland is very accommodating; they were nice and polite. Many rides allowed me to roll right onto the ride – it was great. The others had a transfer board that I could slide into the ride with.

My favorite rides were the Star Wars and Cars rides. They were some of the easiest rides to get into, and the most exciting. 

The worst rides were Indiana Jones and Star tours. There wasn’t any real support and I was rocked around badly and was hurting when we got off.

Indiana Jones was extremely difficult because I got stuck on the way out, and I weigh less than 200 pounds. 

This trip was great. It meant so much to us to be able to get away from it all, and just enjoy the time with family.

It makes me want to go somewhere else while I still can and enjoy some of the time I have left, which may not be a lot. 

Thanks to Team Gleason we got a lot of great pictures. I used to be the one that took all the selfies. But, now I can’t hold the camera.

I won’t soon forget this trip and I have some fun memories that I can pull from when I have a bad day.

Thank you Team Gleason for providing us the funding to take this adventure.

[And, according to Juan’s wife, he made them stop at every photo op!]