October 2022
In Wendy’s Own Wonderful Words

Early morning departure, followed by a four hour wait from hell for our rental car started our trip rough.

But, GLORY GLORY OLD GEORGIA, the Magic of Athens washed it all away.

There are ABSOLUTELY no words for how magical this trip was!

I especially want to thank Team Gleason for making my life dream come through.

It’s cool that it was on the 1 year anniversary of being diagnosed with ALS. Worst day ever…God redeemed!!!

Best day of my life!!!

WE had Tate Center deck parking AND went around campus, shopped of course, drum line, front row to Dawg Walk right behind the band.

Met a lady WHO ALSO HAS ALS and WAS INVITED TO tailgate with her family.

And lastly, had front row end zone seats right behind the goal.


My most amazing friend Anita Gray Hernandez, took precious time away from her family and fur baby to care for me and THAT is THE UNDERSTATEMENT. I’m a whole lot of work, and she never EVER complained or made me feel like a burden. She graciously helped me and took every single photograph and video I have.

To say that I’m freaking grateful is a huge understatement, but there aren’t enough words. ‘Cause you see, she also willingly and selflessly comes every night to put me to bed and give me my meds, put on my mask for my CPAP, my brace for my arm and all the crap that comes with caring for someone who has ALS. If there is a hero crown in heaven, I’m going to make sure she gets a million.

In addition to all of this, God has used her kindness and always faithful love to heal my “mom” sized wound. In no way has she ever tried to be my mom. But you see, my mom was one to beat the cr*p out of you for scraping your knee before she put a bandage on you. So the simple fact that I never felt like a burden was so empowering. She’s a Rockstar and everyone owes her thanks for what she does for me!

Christine, Lynn, Elliott, Skeen, and James – THANK YOU for keeping my baby and caring for him like he was your own. It helped me relax knowing that he was safe and loved. 

To those who prayed, gave me gas money and fun money, YOU GUYS GET THE MVP awards.

And to #DawgNation: THANK YOU FOR WELCOMING ME WITH OPEN ARMS, your prayers, well-wishes, directions on what to see and where to go, made the whirlwind trip successful. 

Honestly at one point, I was so hot from the sun I thought if I die right now I’ll be perfectly happy because, well apparently according to all the girls, “I’m SPICY as F*ck!”  

Take that ALS!

When I die, remember I did it my way.


Team Gleason would like to extend a special thanks to the University of Georgia for providing the tickets and parking for Wendy’s Adventure.