Thursday, June 14, 2012
Las Vegas

Another bad night sleep for Rivers in a hotel bathroom.


I got him dressed and went downstairs around 6:30. Luckily Vegas ends late/starts early.
Apparently Rivers didn’t feel exhausted like his mom did.


The day started out pretty swell, walking through the streets of Vegas.


However. A little while later.. We went to Caesar Hotel to go to the Apple Store and had to pay a lot of $$ to fix a phone. One of us got a bladder infection, and Steve’s wheelchair started rolling only in circles.
So once again, “Teeth like the Sun” had to push the wheelchair. Luckily he’s built like an ox bc that’s 500 pounds of heavyweight.
After a couple of calls we had people around the country trying to fix the problem (turns out it’s the motor).

So the repair guy Nick tried for a couple of hours to fix it, but he couldnt AND we were not going to get the motor until Monday. Terrible news because pushing this chair for the next 4 days was going to be brutal.


Spirits were kind of low at this point, but we went downstairs and rented a scooter. Turned out too tough for Steve to drive so we did it the old fashioned way, with me on his lap driving, and Manny Blair pushing the kid in the stroller next to us.


Looking a lot more like the griswolds and less like a wolf pack,
We crossed the street in our rolling posse and got stuck in the middle of a left turn lane. I drove us too fast and made a right turn and nearly dropped Steve off the back of the scooter.
He was not happy.

But. The night turned out well, as it usually does.

We met some people from Nola:


And Blair got one of those dumb big drinks.


We shot a cool time lapse and called it a night. Rivers fell asleep in Manny Blair’s arms on the way home.