We got an email from Vicki Jarrell about her friend Cindy Crowe trying to take a trip to Hawaii

“Just wanted to update you on our progress on our “Get Cindy to Hawaii!”
mission. We are good to go except for one thing…We would like to send
a respiratory therapist with Cindy on the trip. The cost is too much for Cindy and family to manage. Any chance that Team Gleason could help with that?”

We love Cindy’s adventurous spirit and wanted to get involved. With the funds raised for The Gleason Initiative Foundation, we were able to help out with her trip!

Delighted to share this tonight… Team Gleason of Steve Gleason, New Orleans Saints, has stepped up to help Cindy accomplish one of her goals. She wanted to go to Hawaii with her family. She and her wonderful husband AL along with her best friend Marlis took steps to make this happen. An expensive trip for any family, with Cindy’s health needs it was challenging. Finally, everything was in place except for ONE critical piece. Cindy needed a Respiratory therapist to go with her on the trip. A ticket to Hawaii was no small thing. That is when Team Gleason stepped up! They work with ALS patients who are LIVING with ALS to create opportunities for adventures. They moved quickly to pay for the therapist’s ticket and help Cindy accomplish one of her goals! HUGE THANKS to TEAM GLEASON and to Steve who is a true champion in every sense of the word! #NO WHITE FLAGS!