May 2022 December 2022
by Steve Abels

Steve Abels wasn’t going to let an ALS diagnosis get in the way of taking his family to see his nephew, Cameron Thomas, play in his rookie season with the Cardinals. Team Gleason Adventures was thrilled to send Steven to Phoenix for the Cardinals vs. Buccaneers Christmas game.

Being able to see my nephew play in the NFL has been a dream of mine since he entered the NFL. 

My favorite part of my Team Gleason trip was being able to celebrate with my family and watch my nephew play a game in his rookie season in the NFL. Watching Cameron play was amazing. We were all very proud to watch his dreams come true and give him all our support. 

The best part about it was that he hit Tom Brady! Twice! Best Christmas gift ever to be able to watch him make those big plays. I felt very honored to see that one of my family members made it to the NFL and supports me through my disease.

The most memorable part of my trip was my nephew dedicating his “My Cause My Cleats” to the ALS Association. On top of that he let me keep the cleats that he wore in the game!

It meant a lot to be with my family at such an important time in my nephew’s life. It also gave me the freedom of travel which really helped me continue to fulfill my passion of travel and sightseeing.