Christine had three requirements for her Adventure: it needed to be hot, she wanted to be by the ocean, and her family had to be with her. One long flight from the Midwest and a short ferry ride later, and Christine and her family were on Catalina Island.

April 2024
by Christine Keely

There are so many memorable moments, I cannot pick one. We played cards together, swings, kayaking, riding in the golf car, celebrating my birthday, and having my son carry me up the stairs.

Every morning Jeff would make us breakfast and I would sit on the balcony with my cup of coffee watching the sunrise with my family.

My challenge was the stairs up the Airbnb which I was warned about beforehand, but the place was just so beautiful. My son would carry me up and down them on his back and it was very special. We said it was our training for the marathon.

It meant a lot for me to have my whole family together and be there for me. I felt all the love from each one of them and it made it the best trip.

Everything on the trip was accessible for me and everyone switched off pushing me in my wheelchair. The golf cart was nice to have that came with the Airbnb. The stairs were the only challenge. Restaurants were very accommodating and helpful with my wheelchair too.

Adventure Details:

FLIGHT: Delta, Minneapolis, Minnesota Los Angeles, CA 

ADVICE FOR A SIMILAR TRIP: “My advice would be to slow down and take in the beautiful surroundings. Take time to just be in the moment with your family.” – Christine