With the funds from The Gleason Initiative Foundation, Team Gleason was able to send Carrey Dewey and her family on an amazing adventure. A Disney Cruise has been something Carrey and her family have wanted to do for a while. She originally wrote in requesting only a grant to help fund part of the trip.  When we shared the news that we were going to fund the entire cost of the trip, this was her response:

“OH MY GOSH!!!  SERIOUSLY?!  JUST LIKE THAT?!?!  I’m speechless….. other than the noises of my sobbing & snot face balling at this email.  That is amazing and beyond generous….SERIOUSLY Lauren?!?!  Thank you for sharing my email with the Team and I assume,  speeding it up!!  I am just shocked, tell me who to hug (besides you)– of course I will do it properly and advocate but to sponsor our ENTIRE COST for our  family on a dream trip just like that….{tons more happy tears– I think the first happy tears in a few months} — beyond imaginable, SERIOUSLY?!

My dx has been a real…. (can’t think of the appropriate censored word); I have felt so lifted by people we have shared with, either in prayer or kindness.  But this beyond lifts me, it down right shoots me to the moon with elation!!  My little family family can share this dream trip together without being financially depleted!  I worry b/c my kids are young,  but they’ll  remember this for sure!”

Carrey’s response is a great reminder of why Team Gleason’s mission is to send people on extraordinary adventures. It’s truly amazing to be a part of such an incredible moment. Steve’s vision is to affect people in exactly the way Carrey’s email expresses; excitement and passion in the midst of such a devastating reality.

With the help of Michelle Marx from Meesh Travel (www.meeshtravel.com), the Dewey’s were able to set sail with all loose ends tied! After Carrey’s Cruise, she blogged on her facebook page: www.facebook.com/TeamDeweyALS

“Home after an awesomely amaaaazing family trip!! As first time Disney doers & cruise goers, we had a lot to get done on our bucket list! Magic Kingdom at gates open, both parades, space mountain twice, Elsa & Anna, Dole whips and fireworks; Disney Cruise with all our favorite character friends, dolphin swimming at Atlantis, snorkeling, cruise food and more food, and Colleen’s favorite…. flying above the clouds. My perspective was different on this trip….it really was amazing! I definitely want my family to go back, hopefully with me too!!

A very special thanks to Team Gleason for wanting to be a part of our family trip! You guys are waaaay beyond awesome– on all fronts!‪ #‎nowhiteflags‬ here!!”