August 2019

Team Gleason worked with the Williams family to make their upcoming Alaskan Adventure one they wouldn’t soon forget!

Brice was diagnosed with ALS in February of 2019 and he was determined not to let his diagnosis stop him from traveling. When Brice and his mother, Patti, started planning a trip to Alaska, his sister, Chelsea, reached out to Team Gleason to see how we could help. Chelsea was on a mission to make her brother and mother’s upcoming trip extra special. 

After several conversations, we finalized the excursions for their trip. Brice and Patti were able to take a scenic helicopter tour of Seward, enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime glacier landing, and took a train ride from Seward to Anchorage! They soared over mountain tops and traveled through the area of Grandview, taking in the splendor views of nature that surrounded them. One of the highlights of the trip was Brice hitting a golf ball off a nearby cliff.After the trip, we were thrilled to hear from both Patti and Chelsea. Patti recalls, “Sensing the freedom and joy he was feeling so immensely during these adventures…movements of ease and grandeur!” Chelsea wrote, “At a time when life brings on challenges for everyone in the family, it makes sweet moments and acts of generosity like these that make life much more sweet and meaningful. An excellent reminder that we’re not in this alone–that there is progress to be made and though the path can be difficult, there are still many adventures and explorations to be had, physically and otherwise.”