January 2023


Team Gleason would like to extend a thank you to the BPO Elks 599 for their recent donation. Sarah Campbell, who lives with ALS, and her husband, Lionel, have been members of the lodge, located in Hattiesburg, MS for over 30 years.

“The lodge hosts the ‘Bull Elk Raffle’ where the pot grows until someone wins,” writes Sarah. “The winnings are then divided by the individual winner and a beneficiary that’s named prior to the raffle beginning.” This round, Team Gleason was named the beneficiary in honor of Sarah, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2019.

At the quarterly pALS social luncheon hosted at the Team Gleason office, Sarah and Lionel presented the check of $4,471 on behalf of BPO Elks 599. Team Gleason is grateful for the friendship of the Campbell family and for the contribution, which will help fund critical technology and equipment for more people living with ALS like Sarah.

Sarah and Lionel Campbell with Kearney Gay, Team Gleason Director of Development
Greg and his wife, son, and daughter posing in front of a baseball field
Sarah and Lionel Campbell with David Darragh, Team Gleason Managing Director

Team Gleason has assisted Sarah with both a Permobil Seat Elevator and Voice and Message banking services.

When asked about the seat elevator on her wheelchair a few months back, Sarah wrote to Team Gleason, “I received my new Permobil wheelchair with lift in April 2022. It has made my life easier. The lift function is awesome, it makes so many things easier to do. One of the best things for myself is the rails and fences at ball parks no longer obstruct my view I can rise above them.

I would like to take this opportunity to THANK everyone in the Team Gleason organization for the awesome work each and everyone of you do!”