Manny Blair had some wedding obligations in NOLA so he had to leave us for the weekend. Goodbye to PT Troy as well. Thanks for stretching Steve out.


The Gleasons always need extra help, so some friends came to take Blair’s place.
The new mannys:


There’s a perfect spot for Rivers in the golf cart. But he doesn’t like it as much as we do.


We tried our first Jimmy Johns and were pleasantly suprised. We texted Drew to give him our approval.


We got to ride in a very nice boat. Unfortunately for everyone involved I stepped on a bee that morning (for the first time ever), complained the whole ride because it hurt so much, then took expired Benedryl and nodded off every ten minutes and woke up loopy. From what I can remember it was a smooth ride.



Rivers in his néw swimsuit from his aunt Hilary. I’m not sure why that accent comes up on the e every time I type the word néw.


We had a straggler come visit from Néw Orleans. Welcome to Idaho, Hunter Higgins!


And Erica Perkins and family came by.


Daily stROLL.