So the first week at Black Rock has been pretty sweet.

First things first.. We had to “Gleason-Proof” the house.
Our awesome friends here delivered a crib, sheets, toys, and a 1970’s hi chair for Rivers.


Next. We literally took out 3/4 of the furniture and put it into the garage. We took off a door to the bathroom. We moved the rest of the furniture to make space for “Walks on Wheels”.
Finally, we set up a work film studio in the garage and set up all of our Apple television products inside.


By the second night we felt pretty situated. Rivers still doesn’t like to sleep well at night but we’re working on him.

He did make a new friend, named Roxy.

Cain Martin and I tried to eat globs of wasabi.

Steve has been practicing with his eye technology.


Rivers has learned to pushed his limits.



Steve has a great daily workout routine.
Stationary bike for about 15 minutes, sauna/cold shower routine, rolls out to the van, in style…


And then finishes up with a dip in the beautiful, cold lake.


Steve’s smile when he gets home is incredible. It makes me so happy to see his face when he rolls out of the MV-1.
We are so very lucky and thankful to be here. It is going to be a great summer.