Dave McNeil
November 2022

“There are easy parts when traveling on this ALS journey. I find it easy to dwell on what I can no longer do. I also find it easy to pull back into my shell and isolate myself. It is easier to not expend what little energy I have. But by taking the “easy” road I allow ALS to rob me of amazing memories, experiences and blessings.
Team Gleason stepped in and allowed me to not let ALS rob me. My adventure to see my favorite football team, the Kansas City Chiefs, was a highlight of my 2 year ALS journey.
Amazing access and seats at Arrowhead Stadium made the trip relatively easy. Experiencing the loud and intoxicating atmosphere first hand is hard to describe. Fans and staff were so helpful.
A very good friend drove me in our van to the game. Experiencing this adventure with him confirmed that I will not let ALS rob me or those close to me.
Thank you Team Gleason for everything.”