December 2021

Team Gleason is excited to have recently assisted two families, the Shufelts and the Laks, on a football-filled Adventure to see the Buffalo Bills vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! While neither group knew the other, both had expressed a deep love for both football and family when discussing potential Adventures. If there’s two things Team Gleason knows well, it’s football and, especially, the importance of family. Our team immediately got to work to ensure Tom and John’s Adventures were special!

The stars aligned and both groups were off to the game with one small catch: The Shufelts were Team Bills and the Laks were Team Bucs! It was truly a stadium divided.

Tom has been a lifelong fan of the Bills. “My dad has been the biggest Buffalo Bills fan since he was little,” says Tom’s daughter, Heather. “When he was diagnosed with ALS in 2018, he just asked to see the Buffalo Bills win a super bowl.” While the Bills didn’t make it to the Super Bowl at the time of their Adventure request, Team Gleason was able to surprise Tom and his family with tickets to a future Bucs vs. Bills game! Tom was able to see his beloved Bills alongside his wife, Sue, their son Josh, and Tom’s best friend.

Heather wrote to us following the game: “I wanted to write and express our sincere thanks for your help with obtaining the football tickets! My dad had a good time getting out of the house cheering on his Bills in person. It was a gorgeous day and although they lost, it was a great game! Again, thank you so much! You will never know how much this has meant.”

Tom’s wife, Sue, also wrote to us, telling us about the amazing Adventure: “Thank you Team Gleason for rewarding Tom the opportunity to attend the Bills/Buccaneers football game on Sunday. Everything was perfect—weather, seats, lots of Bills fans. A win would have been the topping on the cake!

No White Flags!”

Sitting in the same row as the Shufelt family, but cheering for the other side, were the Laks! Team Gleason was excited that another family got to enjoy this special day as well.
John was born and raised in Massachusetts, living there for over 50+ years. His family as been lifelong Patriots fans and has now added on cheering for the Buccaneers, as his significant other lives in Tampa. When he found out he was going to the game, his response was a very excited, “WooooHooooooo!!!!! Thank YOU Team Gleason!!!! Goooo Bucs!!!” John and his crew got to enjoy the game together and had a great time.

“We all had a wonderful time at the game,” John wrote to Team Gleason in an email. “The Bucs won in overtime! Thank you so much for all your help.”