November 2021

When Valarie reached out to Team Gleason about her Adventure, the first thing she mentioned was going to visit her grandchildren, who live in another state. “I’m grateful for FaceTime,” she wrote on her application. “This trip would mean the world to me! I only see my grandchildren once a year and its usually in the summer.” With a brand new grandbaby on the way, Valarie asked for assistance with a hotel room, hospital bed rental, and gas for the road trip from Alabama to Florida!

While the hotel did mess up their reservation (we booked an ADA room with a roll-in shower, but it was not provided), Valarie was a trooper. “The hotel was very nice and clean, but it didn’t have a drive in shower. We made it work, but it was scary.” Despite that, Valarie said she had the best time ever. “I wanted to say thank you for our amazing Adventure. We had so much fun! The hotel was 1-mile from my son’s house and so convenient. My grandbabies were so excited to see us,” she said.

Team Gleason is so happy to have helped Valarie travel to Florida to see her family and beautiful grandchildren, including the newest addition, Isabella Grace! The new bundle of joy was a tiny 5 pounds and healthy! “I held Isabella the whole time we were there. I’m so ready to go back. Thank you so much for everything!”