October 2023
by Ammon Freestone

Despite living in Kansas City, Ammon has been a lifelong 49ers fan.

After spending the 90’s watching the Cowboys beat his favorite team over and over, he wanted to see the tables turned.

The 49ers did not disappoint, even before the first player took to the field. 

Ammon’s sister reached out to Team Gleason and to the 49ers to make his Adventure happen.

Team Gleason was able to get him to San Francisco, and then the 49ers crushed it. They provided two tickets to the game, field access, and even had someone waiting with a wheelchair to help Ammon cover the long walks easier.

“My favorite part of the Adventure was seeing my favorite team beat their conference rival,” said Ammon, “The most memorable moment was watching the game with my wife. Mobility was a challenge; my wife was able to help me overcome this challenge.” 

The 49ers went above and beyond, meeting Ammon and his wife at the parking lot with a wheelchair to help tackle the long distances that anyone must deal with when going to an NFL stadium. 

“This trip gave me a memory I’ll have for the rest of my life. I’m very grateful. Accessibility was good,” wrote Ammon. ”I’d tell a person doing a similar adventure to do the adventure sooner rather than later.” 


Team Gleason would like to extend a special thanks to the 49ers for hosting such an accessible experience for Ammon.