May 2023
by Valerie Kiper

Valerie Kiper originally applied for a quiet golf Adventure with her husband at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. In a wonderful last-minute change, her son was granted leave from the military. Of course, we were game to help make it a family Adventure.

I enjoy playing golf and being outdoors with my husband. I am blessed to be able to still be mobile and as long as I am, I want to continue to do the things I enjoy the most that bring me peace and allow me to feel somewhat normal and in control.

As a healthcare provider myself, I know the importance of that for any patient who has an illness or disease they are facing. If anything, the inspiration I have gained with being affiliated with Team Gleason the past year and half has taught me to demonstrate never to give up or give in to this terrible disease, and be an inspiration to those who have ALS.

It was truly a great experience and I was blessed to have my husband, Jim, and son, Sterling, who was home on leave from the military to be there with me. 

We had a wonderful time-the hotel was beautiful and the golf courses were totally gorgeous! We had some drizzly weather on Friday and some down pouring rain on Saturday, but we didn’t let that get in our way. We played both the East and West course, and were able to view the beautiful mountains that loomed in the background with the Cheyenne mountain chimes that echoed every 30 minutes- magical.

We enjoyed the one on one time with Sterling in an atmosphere that was inviting and peaceful.

Usually, when he comes home on leave it is during the holidays and is always very hectic with making the rounds to visit family and friends; and this time we were not rushed!

We all love to play golf and for me the time was special as we were able to have some great conversations as we rode together in the same golf cart.

I wear bi-pap at night. I found the second day we played, the altitude affected me a little more due to having to be on cart path only. However, this was the case both days due to the significant amount of rain, so we had to walk to our ball each time.

Other than that, it was a wonderful place!

Valerie’s Golfing Tips:

I have to conserve my energy and pace myself, especially when it is hot. Warmer weather creates greater attention to hydration. Sometimes, I just have to say I can’t play 18 holes, but I can be good for 9! Also, I cannot walk as much, so using a golf cart is a must.

During cool and damp weather, I seem to be oversensitive to the cold as well due to my weight and muscle loss. I am fortunate that we have our own golf cart which has a cover and a heater if I need it.  

So bottom line: hydrate, stay cool or warm (depending on the season), and don’t overdo it-pace yourself!