February 2022

When José reached out to Team Gleason for an Adventure, he knew exactly what he wanted…a trip to the Super Bowl! José is a huge fan of football and has always dreamed of going having a Super Bowl experience. Team Gleason was determined to make that happen and quickly got to work!

José and his wife, Maribel, were one of three ALS families that Team Gleason sent to Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles, California, to see the Los Angeles Rams take on the Cincinnati Bengals. The two additional families included Vicki Delong and her family, and Chris Snow, his wife Kelsie, and their two young children.

As an added bonus, José and his wife got a chance to walk on-field before the big game thanks to the generosity of our friend Andrew Jo and the NFL. José told Team Gleason that going to the Super Bowl was the perfect opportunity to make lifelong memories with his family. “I wanna give thanks to Team Gleason for helping me achieve a dream of mine, of going to the Super Bowl,” he said. “Thank you very much for sending myself and my wife out there!”